Monitoring Maturity Model

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At which level is your company now?

Get out of the box, discover your monitoring maturity level and implement monitoring tools not just because they are new but because they will work in the best interest of your organization.

The answers to the questions below can give you a good overview about where you are:

 1Does your company have any Monitoring Solution in place?
 2What type of elements are monitored? (Hardware, Network, OS, Applications, Storage,  specialized vendor turnkey systems/devices?)
 3How many monitoring tools you’re using to troubleshoot issues? Please mention them.
 4Are you wasting time with investigating irrelevant alerts?
 5What methods of Notification do you employ for monitoring toolset alerts? (Email, SMS, ITSM Ticketing systems, etc.)
 6Do you employ transaction level monitoring? Application Performance Management (APM) – End-user transaction/experience; KPIs; etc.
 7Are you able to quickly identify the root cause of a failure?
 8Do you send alerts before to have a failure?
 9Does your company use predictive analytics with continuous Machine Learning?
10Does your company use Artificial Intelligence for root cause determination and faster resolution time of issues?

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