VMware Cloud on AWS Exam – Study tips and Quiz

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More and more companies are starting to move to the public cloud, but what about the traditional workloads that run on-premises in VMware vSphere? After they have invested a lot of money in those applications and their VMware vSphere licenses, they’ve also spent a ton of time learning how to configure VMware vSphere, it can be very challenging to move those traditional workloads into the public cloud.

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can easily extend your existing vSphere infrastructure to the public cloud, or hybrid cloud. Virtual machines can easily be migrated into VMware Cloud on AWS and administering a VMware Cloud on AWS is identical to administering VMware vSphere.

The benefits of this are ultimate scalability, agility, and efficiency for vSphere workloads with direct high-speed access to AWS services.

VMware introduced a badge for the new skills called: VMware Cloud on AWS Management (5V0-31.19 exam). The exam has 30 questions (within 45 minutes) and to pass it you need a 300 score .

I took the exam, passed it and now I’m sharing what I’ve used to study, to help others prepare for the first VMware 2019 exam.

Free Hands-on-Labs

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Deploy your first SDDC in VMware Cloud on AWSBLOG

I also went through:

And last but not least, I’ve created a quiz of 30 questions which I encourage you to take before the exam.

You can access it here.

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